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Encounter: The Killing 2002

Inspector Sam Bharucha (Naseeruddin Shah) is an honest and diligent Police Inspector. He frequently comes across youth gangs, calling themselves "bhai". He also has marital problems with his son himself calling himself a "bhai", and associating with criminal elements. One day during one of this patrols, there is a shoot-out between a youth gang and his police party. A number of youth are killed.

Encounter at Trinity 1957

The big whale round-up at Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, is brought to the screen with a realism not often found in fish stories. Cameras are on hand to record the annual sea drama as herds of pothead whales are driven inshore by fishing boats and killed in shallow water. There is tense excitement as, their escape cut off, the marine monsters fight for their lives. Reporter Fred Davis is told about the commercial uses of whale meat and whale products, particularly in mink farming.

Sexual Encounter Group 1970

A bunch of young people get together in a sexual encounter group in a mansion on a hill so they can explore each other's bodies and shed their carnal inhibitions.

The Purpose of An X-Rated Encounter 2016

Min-joong and Ga-hee are a campus couple and friends with Geun-tae. Geun-tae has a crush on Ga-hee and asks her out to dinner to tell her how he feels about her. Ga-hee knows how he feels but she tells him she is in love with Min-joong and doesn't acknowledge his feelings for her. Geun-tae isn't happy with how Min-joong treats Ga-hee and feels bad for her. So Geun-tae comes up with a plan to break them apart by introducing a girl named Eun-bit to them...

Encounter in the Third Dimension 1999

The Professor, helped by his flying robot M.A.X., tries to show us the history of 3-D film, and his newest innovation, Real-O-Vision (ride films). But his hardware keeps breaking down, particularly when he's trying to introduce a music video of Elvira. Written by Jon Reeves

Taxi, An Encounter 2001

"Taxi, an encounter" marks debut of Gabriela David in the direction, and this is very favorable for the national cinematography.

Encounter of the Spooky Kind II 1990

Impoverished teahouse worker (and martial-arts student) Abao is engaged to his boss' daughter, Little Chu, and fights to protect her from the lecherous advances of the wealthy but repulsive Master Shi. The two men's romantic rivalry escalates into full-scale supernatural warfare after Shi enlists the aid of a wicked sorcerer, and Abao encounters a benevolent female ghost.

Alien Encounter at Loch Ness 2014

The Loch Ness Monster has been encountered by locals since the 7th Century, but no scientific investigation has fully explained the mystery until now. Prepare for a mind blowing revelation as a well-respected and worldwide scientific expert reveals the Alien of Loch Ness.

Great Daena: A Fateful Encounter 2014

After a month of violent adventures in the wilderness, Great Daena finally encounters a worthy adversary. This encounter may be the first step toward her undoing.

An Encounter With Simone Weil 2012

The filmmaker's journey to understand the controversial French philosopher and activist Simone Weil (1909-1943) reveals a brave young woman willing to die for her convictions.

Encounter at the Summit Cross 2011

This beautifully produced travel/adventure documentary features stunning photography as it follows several mountain climbers as they attempt to summit one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps. Witness how their struggles and triumphs become powerful metaphors for their faith journeys. Christians and spiritual seekers will be challenged and inspired by the life lessons.

Tora-san's Island Encounter 1985

Tora-san's family's neighbor, Akemi, who had been married in Marriage Counselor Tora-san (1984), runs away from her husband, who is only interested in work. Tora-san follows her to Shikinejima, and attempts to bring her back to her home. In doing so he encounters a school-reunion group who are traveling to meet their elementary school teacher, which is a reference to the film Twenty-Four Eyes by Keisuke Kinoshita. Tora-san joins them and falls in love with the teacher.

Third Encounter Eason Chan Live 2003 2003

Mega star Eason Chan offered 7 gigs of his outstanding 'Third Encounter' tour in a row! In this third concert at Hong Kong's Hung Hom Stadium, the multi talent leapt on to the stage wearing a long coat, while the Italian song "Se Voul Ballare" was playing only intro to rock his fans with his own songs after the intro fade-out! Eason made extraordinary achievements within the entertainment business in 2002, resulting in numerous awards! The creative artist pushes himself to the limits and spares no efforts to offer new stunning attractions to his huge crowd of followers, which becomes obvious with each new artistic attempt.

The Building of the Ark Encounter 2016

In this fast-paced new documentary, you will see the thrilling "backstory" of the building of the Ark Encounter. The hand of God is clear, so come along on a journey from the first brainstorming plan in 2004 to the Grand Opening in July 2016. Watch how this immense project came together. With behind -the-scenes interviews, beautiful fly-over footage, a time-lapse video of construction, a visit by former President Carter, and many other landmark moments, this DVD is one you will want to watch and share again and again. Hear from co-founders Ken Ham, Mark Looy, and Mike Zovath, plus lead exhibit designer Patrick Marsh and lead construction engineer LeRoy Troyer. Share the excitement! English subtitles. Approx. 30 minutes.

UFO Encounter of The Third Kind 2012

The Rendlesham Forest Incident is one of the most amazing incidents in UFO History. Discover the evidence and the cover-up with eyes witnesses and Randy Haragan in this documentary.

Star Trek the Experience: Klingon Encounter 2009

An attempt by some evil Klingons to kidnap visitors at The Las Vegas Hilton is foiled when the 24th century starship U.S.S. Enterprise transports them safely aboard. Taken to the bridge, the guests are told by Commander Riker that the Klingons plan is to disrupt the future time-line. Riker orders Lt. Commander LaForge to take them through the Klingon battle-zone and back to the 20th century aboard a shuttle-craft so that the time-line can be restored.

Oh Seagull, Have You Seen the Sparkling Ocean? : An Encounter 1975

Fujishita Kumi is an ordinary office lady. Longing to escape her poor fishing village for a life in the city, she came to Tokyo. One day while alone in the office, she's spotted rolling up her pantyhose by the window cleaner Kurata Katsuo. This was to be their first encounter. Completely enchanted by Kumi, Katsuo does everything he can to get close to her. Katsuo is a man with a terrible past. With the death of his coal miner father, his family was broken up and he was forced to follow in his father's footsteps laboring away in the mud. In spite of this, Katsuo still has dreams. He dreams of living in Resiporuko, a utopian fantasyland that exists only in his imagination. When Katsuo and Kumi finally meet they find themselves unable to communicate. Katsuo spends all his time talking about Resiporuko with a starry look in his eyes, while Kumi dreams of living the high life in the city. One day when the two travel to the seashore, they discover a wounded seagull.

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