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Incredible Crash Dummies 1993

The animated short was entirely composed of computer generated imagery and centered on the adventures of Slick and Spin. A fellow Dummy named Ted has been chosen to use a new, indestructible torso module (Torso-9000), but his head is mixed up with an evil dummy's head, leading to the birth of Junkman. Slick and Spin try to free the kidnapped Dr. Zub from Junkman before the villain can extract the knowledge of how to mass-produce the torso.

Dummies 1928

A young man is part of a traveling medicine show owned by an elderly "professor" and his beautiful daughter. His job is to keep the audience entertained with his ventriloquist's act (which includes a monkey) while the professor hawks his patent medicines. One day the show's receipts are stolen by a gang of thieves, and in order to impress the professor's daughter, the young sets out to catch the crooks and retrieve the money.

Dummies 2013

A dummy watches the days go by from his little shop, bored. But with the opening of a new store next to his, his life will change forever.

Acoustic guitar for dummies 2000

Arlen Roth is considered "guitarist of guitarist´s" by music experts around the world. In his 35 year career has not only played with Simon & Garfunkel, but has also taught guitarists playing at international performances. Roth is the creator of Hot Licks videos and is currently Professor of Gibson Guitar. With it you will learn all the fundamental techniques so you can play your first songs. They are easy to follow lessons, and you see them as often as you like.

Mummy's Dummies 1948

Set in ancient Egypt, the stooges run a used chariot lot where they unload defective chariots on unsuspecting customers. When they gyp the head of the palace guard, they're brought to the palace to be executed, but instead become royal chamberlains after curing the King's toothache. When they recover some tax money stolen by a corrupt official, the King rewards them with marriage to his daughter. After getting a look at the ugly crone, Moe and Larry select Shemp to be the groom.

Pornmaking for Dummies 2007

Jin-gyu, an out of work film school graduate, applies for the position of director with pornographic film company Only4Men. The following day he is hired as an assistant director for a production called All Nude Boy, and must become accustomed to working with makeshift locations, impromptu settings, and abuse from the general public. The production's lead actress, Sabine, becomes attracted to him, and the two end up spending the night together after a staff dinner. Later, Jin-gyu gets an offer to work on a real film for a major production company.

Golf for Dummies 2004

Whether you're new to golf or already a strong player, you're guaranteed to learn something new about the game with this DVD! Golf For Dummies DVD features: Designed for golfers of all ages levels, and egos Easy-to-follow program for any player Discover how to grip your clubs, stand, and swing Improve your putting Pick the best equipment for your game, and more Running length: 75 minutes About the Host: Gary McCord, a 25-year Tour veteran, stumbled into broadcasting when a CBS executive asked him to do color commentary---by tossing him a headset with 15 minutes to prepare. CBS liked Gary's style under pressure and he was on his way to a career in broadcasting. McCord writes for America Online and Golf Digest...Another of his efforts were: Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists a collection of essays and stories from his life on and off the Tour. McCord also operates the Kostis-McCord Teaching Center in Scottsdale, AZ with Peter Kostis.

Electric guitar for dummies 2000

Here you will pass the level of guitarist beginner to professional. The course of this easy to follow DVD allows you to keep up with your tutor. Arlen Roth is a pioneer of the guitar courses. He has toured and recorded with artists such as Simo & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Don McLean and Ry Cooder. It is the brain behind the movie "Crossroads", considered among the 100 most influential guitarists of all time, and author of 12 methods of selling guitar.

Hollywood Stunt Dummies 2009

Eight stunt dummies recreate their favorite stunt scenes, Hollywood Stunt Dummie style! They don't have millions of dollars to waste on padding or special effects, but they still manage to pull off their stunt, with little or NO BUDGET! Two crazy brothers, a pro BMX rider, pro skateboarder, pro wrestler, gymnast with balls of steel, blonde bombshell model, and a NO-LEGGED amputee recreate their favorite stunt scenes step-by-step. First you watch the stunt straight from the film, and then the Hollywood Stunt Dummy re-enactment and see how similar they actually are. Props, wardrobe, camera-angles. They even imitate the acting... well, at least try!

Learning Guitar for Dummies 2001

Jon Chappell presents this guide to learning basic guitar skills and techniques, from left hand chords, to right hand strumming patterns, with advice on how to apply them to several different musical styles.

Rock Guitar for Dummies

What makes the difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar? Volume! With the 32 lessons on this DVD, you get all you need to play rock songs from your favorite artists. And, you'll rock as a lead guitarist. The lessons on this DVD are easy to navigate. Plus, you can go back and forth in the lessons as you please. Discover how to: Understand the parts of your guitar Tune your guitar Use effects and get amp'd up Strum and fret properly Develop correct hand position Play major and minor chords Play power chords and use hammer-ons Play popular songs by world-known artists including: Smoke on the Water, With a Little Help from My Friends, Gloria, and more!

Blues Guitar for Dummies

Want to play the blues? Then follow these fun and accessible lessons into the world of blues guitar. Here, you find out how to play blues scales, chords, progressions, licks, and much more. Now you can sound like the masters themselves by discovering the variety of sounds, feels, emotions, and passions behind the blues. The lessons on this DVD are easy to navigate. Plus, you can play alongside your own private instructor Discover how to: Understand the parts of your guitar Tune your guitar Fret and strum properly Play major and minor chords Play the 12th bar blues Play the shuffle and use barre chords Play the blues scales, using bends and vibrato Play popular songs by world-known artists including: Sweet Home Chicago, Sunshine of Your Love, Rumble, and more!

Disaster Preparedness for Dummies 2005

It's hard to predict when disaster will strike … but it's not hard to prepare for it when it does! This helpful guide offers a wealth of information on how to prepare for the worst. Taking the popular "Dummies" patented easy-to-follow approach -- which, as the brand name suggests, even the most clueless should be able to follow -- this is a great way for viewers to make their lives less susceptible to disaster if, and when, it strikes.

Basic Ab Workout for Dummies 2002

Flatten your midsection by using these best-kept ab training secrets! This unintimidating program shows you how to train your abdominal muscles in easy-to-understand language. Not only will you flatten and tone your tummy, but you may even change your mind about exercise. Take the mystery out of effective abdominal training by discovering how to trigger your abs to contract and respond. Follow this program to work your ab muscles from all angles, and you'll see major results! Proper set-up technique and variety will help you maximize the benefits of this workout. Basic Ab Workout For Dummies offers step-by-step instruction of the ten best exercises for training your entire midsection and makes working out at your own level easy to do. This workout incorporates a progressive abdominal program that continually challenges your abs to give you a sleeker, more toned midsection in no time.

Venom And Eternity For Dummies 2012

Venom And Eternity For Dummies (2012) is a tribute to letterist poet Isidore Isou (On Venom and Eternity). The film utilizes excerpts from Kaganof's own first feature Kyodai Makes the Big Time (1992).

MMA Live

MMA Live is a sports show about mixed martial arts. It is seen on ESPN2. The show features analysts such as Franklin McNeil, Pat Miletich, and others. MMA Live was originally an Internet show, but made the move to television after positive reception. The show is also seen in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on ESPN. Other occasional hosts of the show include, Chael Sonnen, Brian Stann, Miguel Torres, Stephan Bonnar and Muhammed Lawal. MMA For Dummies is a segment on MMA Live, which features mixed martial arts-fighting techniques. Each segment demonstrates a single technique in a basic and straightforward manner, performed by a notable mixed martial arts fighter.

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