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Hostile 2018

Juliette, a lone survivor of an apocalyptic era, fights to survive against hunger, thirst, a broken leg and strange disturbing creatures that only comes out at nighttime.

Hostile Environment 1999

Toxic waste has contaminated the world's fresh water supply. A select few with the ability to de-contaminate the supply now control the world. Minna rules the de-contaminators from a giant warship, forcing desperate land dwellers to trade anything and everything for meager water rations. The dwellers seek a leader to battle Minna's tyrannical rule. Jennifer, daughter of the rebel leader, implores outcast Mike Erikson to lead the battle against the warship. Help also comes from an unexpected source in the from of Jennifer's brother Rocky.

Hostile Waters 1997

Based on true events, an American submarine collides into a Soviet sub of the coast of America and an ensuing standoff occurs that could lead to total annihilation.

Hostile Force 1997

When a would-be bank robber's attempt to steal $6 million goes awry, he takes a woman hostage without realizing that she is an ex-cop.

Hostile Country 1950

In this remake of No Man's Range (1935), Shamrock travels to the ranch of his stepfather who he has never met and finds himself caught in the middle of a range war.

Hostile 2014

The New Wave of French horror cinema has arrived and at its vanguard is 14 year-old director Nathan Ambrosioni. Meredith Langston always longed to have children. She finally makes this happen when she adopts two young adolescent girls. However, her now idyllic world sours rapidly and dream veers to nightmare when she quickly finds that she is unable to cope with their increasingly strange behaviour. Desperate, she seeks the help of two journalists working for a local TV programme ‘SOS Adoption’. Unfortunately it is all for nothing, especially when the reporters discover that there is another presence in the house.

Hostiles 2017

A legendary Native American-hating Army captain nearing retirement in 1892 is given one last assignment: to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory back to his Montana reservation.

It Waits 2005

A lone female park ranger tries to track down a vicious creature killing various people and terrorizing her at a remote national park.

Hostile Witness 1968

Ray Milland plays a barrister whose daughter is killed in a "hit-and-run" accident. When his neighbor is also killed, evidence points to the barrister as the murderer. Did he do it? Is he insane?

On Hostile Ground 2000

A geologist (John Corbett) investigates a sinkhole under New Orleans that might engulf the city during Mardi Gras.

Hostile Makeover 2009

Lacey Smithsonian is a stylish journalist who works as a television reporter. When interviewing a prestigious fashion designer Amanda Manville, it confesses that receives death threats from someone. Everything is complicated when the artist is shot dead during the program. Lacey will be involved in the case and launch an investigation to find the guilty.

UFC 77: Hostile Territory 2007

UFC 77: Hostile Territory was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The event took place on Saturday, October 20, 2007 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. The main event featured Anderson Silva defending his middleweight championship against Rich Franklin in a rematch of their October 2006 meeting at UFC 64, which Silva won.

Hostile Border 2015

When she’s deported to México, Claudia must choose between reconciling with her estranged father or partnering with a dangerous smuggler to return to the U.S.

Hostile Guns 1967

U.S. Marshal Gid McCool (George Montgomery) leads a wagon train of convicted felons to Huntsville prison in this routine western. The only female among the crooks is the dancehall girl Laura Mannon (Yvonne De Carlo), McCool's former flame. When McCool cannot be swayed from completing his lawful duty, Laura tries to endear herself to shotgun rider Mike Reno (Tab Hunter) in hopes he will set her free.

Hostile Whirlwinds 1953

This film shows the first years of Soviet power, 1918-1926, through the life and work of Felix Dzerzhinsky: an active part in suppressing the Left SR uprising in 1918, the fight against homelessness in 1921, his work on the restoration of rail services in the post of People's Commissariat of Railways – the struggle for industrialisation and against the scourge of opposition.

Hostile Takedown

Driven into retirement by his partner's brutal murder, Alex (Devin Wesley), an ex-cop, does his best to live a normal life. But while shopping at the local mall one day, he's confronted with a difficult choice: Does he stand idly by as a crazed killer threatens the lives of innocent people, or will he embrace his former profession and fight back? The fact that the gunman has ties to his slain partner only adds to Alex's anguish

Hostile Intent 1997

Brilliant renegade hacker Mike Cleary and his crack team have finally debugged Guardian, his software program designed to block government cyber snooping. It's going to make them all rich. Now it's time to celebrate with a game of paintball, played in rugged wilderness far from the digital devices of their everyday lives. Not even an ominous encounter with a militia-style survivalist can dampen the weekend warriors' spirits. But someone is playing for keeps. Instead of getting hit with paintballs, soon they're getting splattered for real. As the body count climbs, Cleary discovers he's at the center of a worldwide web of deceit, aimed at gaining control of the program at any cost. Stalked with high-tech weapons, betrayed by trusted friends, only his programming savvy and a bizarre strategic alliance forged on the battlefield can keep him alive. If he fails and Guardian falls into the wrong hands, the game is over for everyone in the nation.

Hostile Intentions 1995

A weekend of fun becomes a fight for survival when three American women land in a Mexican jail. After being sexually molested by the guards, they attempt to escape with the help of a fellow prisoner.

Hostile Takeover 1988

A man takes three co-workers hostage while working overtime on Thanksgiving weekend. He has no demands.

Hardcore Henry 2015

Henry, a newly resurrected cyborg who must save his wife/creator from the clutches of a psychotic tyrant with telekinetic powers, AKAN, and his army of mercenaries. Fighting alongside Henry is Jimmy, who is Henry's only hope to make it through the day. Hardcore takes place over the course of one day, in Moscow, Russia.

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