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Eiffel...I'm In Love 2 2018

14 years passed .. Tita who used to sit in class 1 high school, has become an adult woman. For 14 years also, Tita and Adit underwent LDR. Every day, their relationship is always tinged with quarrels. Even Tita began to get restless because Adit did not visit her, while the two friends Tita, Nanda and Union, are married. Will Tita and Adit's relationship end up in the aisle? Or are they not meant to be together?

Mystère à la Tour Eiffel 2015

During the opening of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Exhibition in 1889, three engineers from the Eiffel companies are killed under mysterious circumstances. Louise Massart, the recently divorced daughter of one of them, scandalizes society and finds herself unjustly accused of her father's murder. Incarcertaed in the psyche ward of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, she discovers through hypnosis that the key to the affair lies within her, and finds the strength to accept her differences.

The Man on the Eiffel Tower 1949

A down-and-out student is hired to kill a wealthy woman. When someone else is suspected of the crime, the student taunts police until they realize that they may have to wrong man.

Vive la France 2013

Muzafar and Feruz are two easy going shepherds from Taboulistan, a tiny country in Asia that is unknown to the rest of the world. To alert the world to his country’s existence, the son of Taboulistan’s president decides to instigate a program of publicity terrorism. To that end, he recruits our two naive shepherds, their mission: to destroy the Eiffel Tower! But the France that Muzafar and Feruz discovers is far from what they had expected...

Under the Eiffel Tower

Stuart is a having a mid-life crisis. Desperate for something more in life, he tags along on his best friend's family vacation to Paris - then proposes to his friend's 24-year-old daughter, Rosalind, while standing under the Eiffel Tower.

Panorama of Eiffel Tower 1900

“Showing the entire height of this wonderful structure from the base of the dome and return, with the great Paris Exposition in the background, looking down Champs de Mars. A most realistic picture.” According to Edison film historian Charles Musser, this film features the first camera tilt among the company's surviving oeuvre.

A View from Eiffel Tower 2005

The main character is a young and very beautiful girl, Marijana. Marijana is 25 and when she was 16, her father's boss sexually abused her. Marijana's father did nothing against his boss, and because of that became very successful at his profession due to the boss' assistance. Marijana's father became a famous discreet gynaecologist for illegal abortions. Ten years after the incident, Marijana's family is very rich and popular in her town of Podgorica. Marijana did not forget what happened to her when she was younger. Marijana decides that it is time to avenge what was done to her. She does this by becoming a prostitute, and sleeping with her father's colleagues and there by harming his reputation. At one moment Marijana meets a poor but talented sculptor named Vanja whom she begins to love and care for. Marijana soon discovers that the world of prostitution and love of Vanja cannot coexist.

Paris When It Sizzles 1964

Hollywood producer Alexander Meyerheimer has hired drunken writer Richard Benson to write his latest movie. Benson has been holed up in a Paris apartment supposedly working on the script for months, but instead has spent the time living it up. Benson now has just two days to the deadline and thus hires a temporary secretary, Gabrielle Simpson, to help him complete it in time.

Married to the Eiffel Tower 2008

Imagine a world in which people seem hostile while inanimate objects appear friendly – even affectionate. Imagine dreading the touch of another human but longing for a passionate encounter with a large public structure. This is the strange world of the "objectum sexual"– a group of people, mainly women, whose intimate lives revolve around objects with which they say they share romantic and sexual love. Erika is married to the Eiffel Tower. She has a passion for inanimate objects, and her mission is to fight the stigma surrounding the disorder and create a global network of sufferers - like Amy, in love with a church organ, and Eija Riita, who married the Berlin Wall.

Eiffel...I'm in Love 2003

Eiffel I'm in Love tells the story about a teenage girl, Tita, who led a perfect life. she had a lovely family, a patient boyfriend and 2 best friends who are always by her side. However, her mother was overly protective towards her and she is not allowed to go out. Her life completely changes when her parents good friend and his son, Adit, came from France to stay with them. Adit was very cold to Tita from the start, however, her parents saw him as a reliable man and trust him to take care of their daughter. Things became worse when Adit told Tita that their parents were planning to match make them.

Le mystère de la tour Eiffel 1928

The Mironton Brothers are part of a fairground attraction. One of them comes into a large inheritance, but the Friends of the Antenna association try to keep him from accessing the money. This formidable brotherhood, whose headquarters are in the Eiffel Tower, send the Mironton Brothers on impossible adventures and countless traps.

Scene from the Elevator Ascending Eiffel Tower 1900

“A marvelously clear picture taken from the top of the elevator of the Eiffel Tower during going up and coming down of the car. This wonderful tower is 1,000 feet in height, and the picture produces a most sensational effect. As the camera leaves the ground and rises to the top of the tower, the enormous white city opens out to the view of the astonished spectator. Arriving at the top of the tower, a bird's eye view of the Exposition looking toward the Trocadero, and also toward the Palace of Electricity, is made, and the camera begins its descent. The entire trip is shown on a 200-foot film. 30.00. We furnish the ascent in 125 foot film.” (Edison film catalog)

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