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Vice 2015

Julian Michaels has designed the ultimate resort: VICE, where anything goes and the customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look, think and feel like humans. When an artificial becomes self-aware and escapes, she finds herself caught in the crossfire between Julian's mercenaries and a cop who is hell-bent on shutting down Vice, and stopping the violence once and for all.

Vice 2018

How bureaucratic Washington insider, Dick Cheney, quietly became the most powerful man in the world as vice president to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.

Miami Vice 2006

Miami Vice is a feature film based on the 1980s action drama TV series. The film tells the story of vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs and how their personal and professional lives are dangerously getting mixed.

Vice 2008

Michael Madsen stars as Max Walker, a down-and-out cop who becomes the target of a bloodthirsty drug cartel after he leads a narcotics bust to intercept a large shipment of heroin. When someone starts picking off his team members -- and the drugs seized in the raid suddenly disappear -- Walker pairs up with one of his detectives (Daryl Hannah) to uncover a conspiracy that may go straight up the chain of command.

Natural Vice 2017

A millionaire entrepreneur invents a new form of ecstasy only for his business to be chased down by the Chinese triads.

Vice 2005

Details the trial of a young Texas "erotic dancer" on charges of lurid behavior and indecent exposure and the various witnesses who testify both for and against her.

Vice Versa 1948

Businessman Paul Bultitude is sending his son Dick to a boarding school. While holding a magic stone from India, he wishes that he could be young again. His wish is immediately fulfilled and the two change bodies with each other. Mr Bultitude becomes a school boy who smokes cigars and has a very conservative view on child upbringing, while his son Dick becomes a gentleman who spends his time drinking lemonade and arranging children's parties.

Vice Squad 1953

A Los Angeles police captain (Edward G. Robinson) ties the case of a slain policeman to a bank robbery, all in a day.

Real Naughty Vice Girls 2018

Everything is for sale in Vice City, where the cops are dirtier than the call girls they bust and every dark alley and shadowed corner promises a dangerous seduction. Where the only rendezvous is a lurid one and the only thing cheaper than a trip around the world is the soul of the pretty young thing selling the ride. Enter Daisy (Mia Zottoli), a small-change stripper with dreams of an empire who will not stop until she holds the city in her silken fist. Assembling a crack team of next level super-hookers and moving their action out of the alley and onto the hill, Daisy's syndicate takes aim at the wealthy elite. But when the scandal heats up, Vice Detective Angie (Holly Sampson) hits the case hard while whetting her own appetites and ducking an Internal Affairs (CC Costigan) investigation into her partner's nasty habits, proving that no one is what they seem in Vice City, unless they seem real naughty.

Vice Academy 4 1995

"To Protect and Serve" takes on a whole new meaning when the Vice Academy girls are on the case. Candy and her new partner Samantha are back in an all new wild adventure! The wicked nymphomaniac, Malathion, has broken out of prison again and is on the rampage. The vice girls must bust her before she can seduce the Commissioner and destroy his wedding plans. Malathion, with the help of her new boy-toy, wreaks havoc and sexual hi-jinks as only she knows how. Will Candy and Samantha be triumphant, or will Malathion succeed with her dastardly plot?

Caracas Vice 2017

Caracas, Venezuela. 1982. Ryan of the DEA and Carlos the PTJ join forces to stop the most dangerous drug lord of the country, Disco Herrera.

Tokyo Vice 1988

Akira, Junpei, Keiko and Kumiko are members of the Rutz Detective Agency, and are always ready for a good case. When a mysterious murder places a top secret floppy disk in the hands of Junpei, the gang suddenly has a conspiracy on their hands of grandiose proportions. Not only have they made an enemy of politicians and shady characters, but also the munitions manufacturer company Yotsuboshi itself! With murder attempts, rampaging machinery and kidnappers to handle, the group must race against the clock to foil the evil scheme before it's too late!

Hard Vice 1994

A vice cop and her partner investigate a string of murders apparently tied to high-priced Las Vegas call girls.

Vice Academy 1989

This tale tells the story of female police cadets training to join the Hollywood vice squad. During training, the toothsome rookies are assigned to infiltrate a kiddy porn operation. Next they must go undercover and join a prostitution ring.

Vice Girls 1996

Three sexy cops will have to go undercover to catch a ruthless pornographer who is murdering young runaway girls.

City of Vice 2008

In the 1750s London’s perilous streets were run by armed gangs, corrupt night watchmen and thief takers. Then two Westminster magistrates, novelist Henry Fielding and his brother, John, obtained a grant from Parliament allowing them to bring some law and order to the crime-ridden boroughs of Central London.

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