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Case Closed 2011

The National Security Agency of North Korea is fighting against the conspiracy of the imperialists and class enemies to protect the dignity and authority of the Korean government and leaders. Not even a single case should be allowed to remain unsettled in the work of devotedly defending the headquarters of the revolution and defending the security of the socialist system.

Case Closed

As an action packed thriller, it has it's own good moments. Best of all is Charles Durning, a man who knows a lot about acting. He steals the movie as the retired Les Kabowski, who wants to cooperate with Det. Brockman, an eager man trying to solve an unsolved case. Both actors seem to have hit it off well, as it shows in the finished product.

The Case Is Closed 1983

A pre-teen ager servant boy dies of carbon monoxide poisoning on a cold winter night. He was employed by a young working Calcutta couple (Anjan and Mamata) with a small boy of their own. Taking money from a neighbor's friendly daughter, he slipped away to watch a movie on a cold winter night. Finding his usual sleeping corner below the stairs too cold, he bolts himself inside the kitchen, where a fire was burning. The next morning we witness a powerful discovery scene like on the morning after Macbeth's murder. The door is forced open and we see the commotion in the apartment block which is the stage of the drama. Who is responsible?

The Case Is Closed, Forget It 1971

Because of a violation of traffic regulations an architect is put in prison. There he witnesses the grim reality of life behind bars: corrupt staff, corrupt inmates, an inhuman judicial system and the power of the Mafia.

Titanic's Final Mystery 2012

The sinking of the RMS Titanic remains one of the most enduring and mysterious tragedies of the 20th century. For decades, investigators and amateurs alike have floated theories for why it occurred and who was to blame for the extraordinary loss of life, but no one answer could fully explain what happened. Until now. To mark the 100th anniversary of the infamous disaster, Smithsonian Channel will premiere Titanic's Final Mystery. The two-hour special investigates a century of theories and uncovers astonishing new forensic evidence that proves the most likely theory for the case.

Detective Conan: Skyscraper on a Timer 1997

Shinichi is invited to a party held by a famous architect and Shinichi asks Ran to go instead. There a mysterious person plants a lot of bombs and gives Shinichi clues as to the location of the bombs. Shinichi tries to uncover all the bombs and save Ran's life.

Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes 2000

Police officers around Tokyo are being murdered by an unknown assailant. When Ran witnesses an attempt on the life of one of her friends in the police, she loses her memory. Now, Conan and Inspector Megure must find the murderer while Ran attempts to regain her lost memories.

Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target 1998

Ran has a nightmare about her mother dying, but starts to remember what really happened involving herself, her mother, and her father from 10 years ago. Meanwhile, people are being injured by a certain culprit. Conan soon realizes that these people all have some kind of relation to Mouri, and that they all had a number in their name corresponding to a playing card and were being targeted in order,

Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century 1999

Suzuki Zaibatsu found the 51st Easter Egg made by Russian Jewel maker February. Kaido Kido sent police a warning letter that he would stole the egg which Suzuki would display 4 days later. Kaido Kido (when) able to steal egg at the time when everyone's outside.

Case Closed 1996

The son of a world famous mystery writer, Jimmy Kudo, has achieved his own notoriety by assisting the local police as a student detective. He has always been able to solve the most difficult of criminal cases using his wits and power of reason.

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? 2016

Over the past four and a half decades, the so-called D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has captivated countless armchair detectives - not to mention teams of FBI investigators - hoping to finally crack the nation's only unsolved act of air piracy. Now a California man, who has assembled a team of investigators, thinks he may have finally solved case, which will be detailed in the two-part History Channel special D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? that airs on Sunday and Monday.

Case Closed with Aj Benza

The world of celebrity is built on charisma, beauty and infatuation. Celebrities themselves often become so influential that even their day-to-day lives make front-page news so when misfortune strikes and the facts don’t quite add up, the public is immediately fascinated by the unknown. Case Closed with A.J. Benza examines the prevalent theories tied to each story presenting new and old evidence as well as first-person accounts from family members, eyewitnesses and experts with the aim of uncovering the truth and closing the case.

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