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Casanova 2005

With a reputation for seducing members of the opposite sex, regardless of their marital status, a notorious womanizer discovers a beauty who seems impervious to his charms. However, as he continues to pursue the indifferent lady, he finds himself falling in love.

Casanova '70 1965

The amorous adventures of Andrea Rossi-Colombotti, an army officer who finds pleasure with beautiful women in life-threatening situations.

Casanova 2015

Exiled from his beloved Venice, Giacomo Casanova flees to Paris at the dawn of the Enlightenment in hopes of putting his reputation as a playboy behind him. But old habits die hard, and temptation is everywhere as Casanova finds a wealth of new opportunity and trouble.

Casanova 1987

TV Movie version of the story of Giacomo Casanova, the famous eighteenth century womanizer.

Fellini's Casanova 1976

Casanova is a libertine, collecting seductions and sexual feats. But he is really interested in someone, and is he really an interesting person? Is he really alive?

Casanova 1963

George Chatzigeorgoulas, sentenced to ten months in prison, the jailer tells of how he was in close. Reading Farsala a book about Casanova decided to come to Athens to live the high life. On the train he met the fiancée namesake cousin, Julia. But the cousin, is not intended to restore the fiancée and the similarity of the name of the cousin would put him in a lot of trouble ..

Casanova 1990

Farcial action fun with Bertil and Hugo, who do menial jobs at a big city hotel. Bertil is about to marry and has put money aside for his bride's morning gift. Only Hugo has kind of borrowed the money and blown it all on a wrong bet in a pigeon race. Together, they obviously have to get rich quick. When a diamond seems to be lying around for the taking, the hotel is virtually on its head.

Casanova Brown 1944

Cass Brown is about to marry for the second time; his first marriage, to Isabel was annulled. But when he discovers that Isabel just had their baby, Cass kidnaps the infant to keep her from being adopted. Isabel's parents hunt for the child and discover that Cass and Isabel are still hopelessly in love

Casanova 2012

Film with a soundtrack featuring Gopi Sundar, Alphons and Gowri.

In the Mood 1987

When 15-year-old Sonny Wisecarver has an affair with his older neighbor Francine and then runs off to marry her, a stern judge has the union annulled. Then, when Sonny finds himself before the same judge after getting involved with another woman in her 20s, the publicity from this case makes him the object of affection for millions of young women

The Young Casanova 2002

Dashing through the streets of Venice, slipping from the clutches of the law, darting across Europe in search of new challenges, Giacomo Casanova races through life with irrepressible energy. Violinist, writer, soldier, spy, gambler, adventurer - it is as a lover that he unbridles the full force of his energy. A charmer and seducer, he, too, is charmed by the beauty of women, seduced by their passion, intrigued by their mystery.

Casanova Cat 1951

Tom heads for a big city penthouse to become acquainted with a rich pretty female cat that lives there. He brings her Jerry as a gift and does some humiliating things to Jerry. Jerry, in turn, attracts the attention of another cat who also becomes interested in the female cat. It eventually turns into a fight between Tom and the other cat for the lady's hand but Jerry is the one who gets her in the end.

Mr. Casanova

The 45-year-old Casanova is in exile in London, where he meets a 25-year-old woman who is unimpressed by his overtures ...

Canine Casanova 1945

Pluto spots Dinah the dachshund and is smitten, but she ignores him. He uses a giant bone to steal a kiss, and hides behind a mirror, but still no luck. Then Dinah is nabbed by the dogcatcher, and Pluto goes in to free her. Their thrilling escape finally gets Pluto another kiss.

Casanova & Co. 1977

While hiding from the royal authorities, Jacomo Casanova, the famous romancer, encounters his look-alike: Jacomino, a fugitive petty con man. Meanwhile, the Arabian Caliph and his wife are arriving in Venice for a state visit, and she insists on a night with the legendary lover. Through a series of erotic encounters and mistaken-identity comedies, Jacomo and Jacomino make their way back to Venice for their appointment with the Caliph's wife.

Beach Casanova 1962

Mr. Edmond is a middle-aged playboy, living by his wits on the Riviera. Among the women with whom Edmond dallies are three gorgeous ladies.

Casanova 2015

Exiled from his beloved Venice, Giacomo Casanova flees to Paris at the dawn of the Enlightenment in hopes of putting his reputation as a playboy behind him. But old habits die hard, and temptation is everywhere as Casanova finds a wealth of new opportunity... and trouble. Part of Amazon's fall 2015 pilot season. Currently only the pilot has been made.

Casanova 2005

Casanova is a 2005 British television comedy drama serial, written by television scriptwriter Russell T Davies and directed by Sheree Folkson. Produced by Red Production Company for BBC Wales in association with Granada Television, the 3-episode series was first screened on digital television station BBC Three from 13 March, with a repeat on mainstream analogue network BBC One commencing 4 April.

Casanova 1971

The Italian adventurer and libertine Giovanni Jacopo Casanova lived from 1725 to 1798, but in this six-part series Dennis Potter attempted to find a contemporary relevance through his central themes of sex and religion. He commented that Casanova "was concerned with religious and sexual freedom, and these are the things we have to address ourselves to now." Casanova was imprisoned in Venice in 1755, and Potter used that event as a central device, constantly inter-cutting to contrast Casanova's amorous escapades, radiant, joyful and brightly lit, with his oppressive solitary confinement in the gloom of a half-darkened cell.

Casanova 2011

Casanova is a 2011 TV series written by Claudia Marchelian and directed by Philippe Asmar.

Casanova '73 1973

Casanova '73 was a short-lived British sitcom broadcast on BBC1 in 1973. It was written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson and starred Leslie Phillips as Henry Newhouse.

Casanova sin Amor

Casanova Sin Amor is a Colombian telenovela to be produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and RTI Colombia. The production is canceled as Miguel Varoni is going to direct another Telemundo Studios Colombia's telenovela, La Diosa Coronada . The story revolves around Juan Pablo, the owner of a successful television company that searches for a real love.

Flying Casanovas

Flying Casanovas was a special on PBS about the different ways birds try to mate.

Spinsters vs Casanovas 2014

Three girls have intimate former classmates that continue onto University. Trying to separate the learning processes and goals in life, they find a difficult task. Honey likes a guy more than a friend! Because maple and Polynesian caught girlfriend secretly love to have a mistress (Gig). Trying to open their eyes, open their minds, honey, finds out the truth. But honey instead of angry friends Three girls fight Goliath Minority dig the former blew feel attacked as well. The trio decided to wear Converse, despite the different ways it's sad, but intolerant build walls in the grave.

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