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Backyard Blockbusters 2012

For years, people have been making home movies, many times using pop culture properties that they may not own, but love. In recent years, these types of projects have come to be known as "fanfilms". Backyard Blockbusters looks at the history and influence of the fanfilm genre, as well as the copyright and fair use problems these films create, featuring highlights from and interviews with the creators of many popular films.

80’s Blockbusters: When Hollywood Played Tough 2017

Who has never watched Rocky or Terminator? In the 80s and early 90s, action films were big hits, and we all remember famous scenes and lines. Industry players and experts, speak of the golden age of the genre, by highlighting the socio-political context it was thriving in. Like it or not, these «so bad it's good» movies have marked the history of cinema. This documentary pays homage to the biggest roles of our favorite beefy actors. It sheds light on the behind the scenes, pointing to the reasons of their huge success. Throughout archives and interviews we also get to know the point of view of Chuck Norris, Schwarzenegger and Stallone among others. Here come the tough guys with big guns.

Only Blockbusters Left Alive: Monopolizing Film Distribution in Turkey 2016

Turkish film industry has been experiencing a breakthrough in the last ten years. According to 2015 figures, there is a bold uptrend in terms of viewers and film production. Yet without any regulations at work, this growth only made injustices in distribution bigger. While a single cinema chain controls more then 50% of the market, it also started to control distribution and production. In this monopolized environment, there seems to be no country for independent production. With the guidance of producers, distributors, and economists, the film traces the distortion created by the bad economy that has become an obstacle for freedom of choice.

Monster Madness: The Counter Culture To Blockbusters 2015

Part four of a multi-part documentary series with distinguished actors, directors, writers, composers and special effects mavens examining the history of the horror, fantasy and science fiction films from the groundbreaking silent 1920s through the Golden Age of Universal, the Silver Age of Hammer and up through the 1980s and beyond. This DVD begins with the late 60's era Blacula and Splatter films; then moves on to the cinematic evolution of the 70's with The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Planet of the Apes, The Exorcist and the films of the great Stanley Kubrick; and then concludes with the apex of the 80's including Alien, Star Trek, The Howling and more! Collect all four chapters in the Monster Madness series and enjoy never before seen interviews and fun-filled facts about the stars, the producers and the movies that made America want to go to the theater!

Blockbusters 1980

Blockbusters is an American game show which had two separate runs in the 1980s. Created by Steve Ryan for Mark Goodson Productions, the first series debuted on NBC on October 27, 1980 and aired until April 23, 1982. In the first series, a team of two family members competed against a solo contestant. Blockbusters was revived on NBC from January 5 to May 1, 1987, but featured only two contestants competing. Bill Cullen hosted the 1980–1982 version, with Bob Hilton as announcer. Johnny Olson and Rich Jeffries substituted for Hilton on occasion, with Jeffries taking over for the final two weeks. Bill Rafferty hosted the 1987 version, with Jeffries announcing the entire run.

Blockbusters 1993

Blockbusters is a British television game show based upon the American game show of the same name in which contestants answer trivia questions to complete a path across or down a game board of hexagons.

Blockbusters (AU) 1991

Blockbusters was an Australian children's game show, broadcast on the Seven Network, where players from two schools competed over the course of a week, in a rolling format - where games could be started in the middle of an episode, and stopped and continued on the next episode. The school team earning the most points won a major prize for their school, such as an encyclopedia. The show was hosted by Michael Pope. It ran in Australia from 1990 to 1993. The game board consisted of 20 interlocking hexagons, arranged in five columns of four. Each hexagon contained a letter of the alphabet. A contestant would choose one of the letters, and would be asked a general-knowledge trivia question whose correct answer began with the chosen letter. Two students from each school played in each match. the shorter path alternated between the teams in the first two games, and a 4x4 tie-break gameboard was used in the event of the first two games in a match being split between the two teams. Five points were earned towards the school team's weekly total for each question correctly answered, with no points scored during tie-breaks.

All New Blockbusters 2012

All New Blockbusters is the 4th revival of the game show Blockbusters. The series aired from May 14 to August 3, 2012.

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