Descendants 2

Long live evil.
Descendants 2
When the pressure to be royal becomes too much for Mal, she returns to the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma, Ursula's daughter, has taken her spot as self-proclaimed queen.


**Make way for Uma!** The 103rd Disney Channel Original Movie. A sequel to the 2015 film of the same name. One of the most expected film, at least for a television film and by the Disney fans. And the children. I am not one, but ever since I was young, I loved Disney films and never stopped, yet. Especially after the massive hit song, 'Ways to be Wicked', the countdown for July 21st had began. So here we are! The first film was unexpected. I did not think it would work, but it did. Seeing from some fresh perspective, particularly the new generation of classic villains really brought a modern day flavour for the fantasy genre. BUT, this part was not as good as the previous one. An enjoyable film, no doubt on that, it had some decent moments. Yet what's really missing was the COMEDY. The original had lots of fun, whereas this film became more serious. Obviously it's still fall under PG. So in my opinion, the children might find it fun to watch than the grownups. From the same director, who had helmed many films for Disney Channel. A decent graphics too, which did not required in the big scale, excluding in the climax. Visually, that part was acceptable, but I expected a bit more spectacular. An average story. It is mostly about a rescue mission, that takes place equally at Auradon and Isle of the Lost. From all, Uma's big entry marks this film. So it is more like a clash of the villains, where the heroes are sidelined with a limited scope. As always, Mal led the entire film. Apart from her education, she's now more a Auradonian by appearance with a big makeover. Though, her relationship with Ben has been tested. And following that, the heartbroken Mal returns home. The real action-adventure began when Ben got into a trouble while pursuing his love. So the gang of the good villains and the bad ones had no choice, but to battle it out with all their strength. And with a small twist, the issue was resolved, revealing who ended where. > ❝You can stick a tiara on a villain, but you're still a villain.❞ Truly it was like watching some Indian film, mainly because of the colours. Yep, it was enchanting with those colours, as it could be costumes or the backgrounds and settings, but I loved it. It makes the teen girls envious. Only if it has a better screenplay, would have been an even better flick. The performances were wonderful. The old cast was good as always. And the new ones had granted the film to get more powerful. Especially I'm talking about Uma, the daughter of Ursala, a sea witch from 'The Little Mermaid'. The film opened with the YouTube hit song that I mentioned earlier. There are like ten songs and all were good that nearly covered the one-third of the film. Setting in different mood and place and with the characters, really it was well done on the musical side of the film. Crucially, none of them were annoying, because of placed in the right segment of the storyline. Usually I'm not the fan of modern musicals, but this was good, especially having short and sweet tracks. This is not simply a fantasy film that of the two decades ago. It borrowed the present world technology, like the 3D printing concept. That thing had some important role in the story segment. But when the dog could speak, it was like going back to the classic like in the animation. By the way I felt like there's some connection between Dude the dog and 'Dog with a Blog'. So there were some brief ups and downs, but the entire film rode on just over the average. It was telecasted simultaneously in all the sub-Disney networks, as well as worldwide in other kid's networks. So it is now the second most watched DCOM of all time. This ending was not perfect, yet opened the gate for possible widening its cast even bigger if there will be a third. As to how it was received, I don't see the Disney thinking to put a brake to the potential franchise. In my opinion, it might become the longest film series for Disney Channel, which could drag for coming decades. So, dear Disney, lets us know when's the next one's due. Meantime, you keep updated with the first two if you haven't seen them yet. Who knows, it might surprise you, but surely for your kids. _6/10_

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