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Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.
Title Arrival
Release Date 2016-11-10
Genres Thriller Drama Science Fiction Mystery
Production Companies Paramount, 21 Laps Entertainment, FilmNation Entertainment, Lava Bear Films
Production Countries United States of America


Smashing UK Productions
Prior to approaching this film, a word of warning that it is what many like to call a "thinking person's sci-fi". If you're going to watch this, I beg that you dedicate your utmost attention to it, as it is truly one rewarding experiences, one of the smartest, most well-constructed science fiction marvels of recent years. 'Arrival' is Villeneuve's magnum opus. Firstly, to put your mind at ease, I won't be analysing the plot, thus avoiding the use of spoilers. This decade, Villeneuve has crafted some fantastic works of art in the form of 'Prisoners', 'Sicario' and now this science fiction gem, and here's hoping his career further develops with more movie masterpieces coming our way. In a world where mysteries remain and the possibility of extraterrestrial life still stands unanswered, 'Arrival' approaches this with it's cliche-free take on the genre. The relatively unknown Bradford Young provides the film with some of the most stunning cinematography ever conceived, taking advantage of the twilight hour to give the film its somewhat unique look, supported magnificently by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson whose score is both haunting and beautiful. If you're someone looking for a science-fiction tale that keeps you guessing and thinking throughout, with fantastic performances, cinematography, music and near-flawless direction, then 'Arrival' is the film for you. The masterpiece of 2016!
Denis Villenueve offers a great film, but one that is exactly what the trailer put forth, this is not a Sci-Fi War film waiting to happen, or a modern-day horror. It's a character-driven piece about politics, life, humanity and communication. _Final rating:★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._
**It was a perfect contact, but troubled at the communication.** The film was decent. Nowadays there are lots of altered versions coming that you won't easily say those are the remakes or reboots or spin- offs or whatever they call them in these days. Like 'Premotheus' to 'Alien', this film can remind you a few titles from the past, but 'Contact' is what the majority of us believes it got inspired. The eight Oscars nominees for the film is insane. I know some people liked it, and the film was good, that does not mean it is an Oscar product. I'm okay with the technical side recognition as it deserved that. So visually it was very good, but not a special effects extravaganza. Just a simple sci-fi drama, with a few thrills, particularly towards the end. When the unexpected visitors from the outer-space land their ships in the twelve different locations on the earth, the humans patiently try to communicate with them to learn their intentions. This story focused on the American soil, where experts are brought in to decode the alien language. How the rest of tale develops was told in the remaining parts. To me it smells like a trilogy. If not, it should be. I enjoyed it, mainly because of being a drama. Sci-fi is always associated with action, adventure and thriller, but this drama was something fresh as per todays computer graphics dominated cinema world. This is particularly for the family and older people like the grownups. Like I said the youngsters love action and violence. So it is a one time viewable film and you will get everything in that attempt itself. _7/10_
"I have a brilliant idea for a movie so what we do is we watch scientists step-by-step learn to communicate with an alien species" "That's awesome but we need an emotional component or audiences will be bored" "Okay the main scientist's daughter is dead and we show clips of that every couple minutes" "Greenlight"

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